Vehicle Trust

Keeps Your Name and/or Your Company Name

OFF Public Record of Your Vehicles!

Cars, Boats, Trucks, RVs, SUVs, Plane, and More!

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Vehicle Trust “How To Do It” Fast Start Guide


How Does It Work?

It’s a lot simpler than you might think.


STEP 1:  purchase your Vehicle Trust

STEP 2:  fill-in-the-blanks on your Vehicle Trust Builder Form

a. Vehicle Make, Model, Year, Color, VIN number, and Tag Number

b. mileage or hours on your vehicle

c. name and mailing address of your beneficial interest(s) – (owner for tax purposes)

STEP 3: After your Vehicle Trust is prepared, it will be emailed to you in pdf format.

a. Get both Trustee and Beneficial Interest(s) signatures dated and notarized.

b. Once signed and notarized, email signed copy to

c. You keep and store the original and LLC stores a digital copy for your records.

This completes your Vehicle Trust Agreement process.

PART 2:  (you will receive the “How To Fast Start Guide” with your Vehicle Trust)

STEP 1: Gather all documents needed to renew your vehicle tags at your local department of vehicle agency. This can be Title, Registration, Proof of Insurance, Valid Photo IDs, Vin, etc…  whatever they require AND Make A Copy of Your Vehicle Trust Agreement and carry all documents to your local government office.

STEP 2: Meeting the Title Clerk in their office.

a. Simply inform the clerk you wish to transfer title of this vehicle to a trust for estate planning purposes. This is NOT a Sale and is not a taxable event. Remember, these clerks are usually low paid and odds are, they do not know what you are talking about. Believe it or not, this is very good news for you because if they did know about it, it would not be as valuable. PLEASE do NOT get upset with them. (If this was common, it would not be precious and valuable). Tell them you understand and you were told this might be something unique.

b. If clerk has trouble, ask for her supervisor. Remember to use their first name a lot and treat them as YOUR PROBLEM SOLVER.

c. Ultimately, you should end up showing them all of your documents to transfer “Owner of Record,” NOT a Sale. They may or may not ask to have or make a copy of your Vehicle Trust. It is OK to let them have this because it will be forwarded to your state’s vehicle records department and will not be placed in the online vehicle records database. (They do not have a field for this)

d. Over the years, we have learned that smaller town government office are a lot easier to work with. In fact, Wayne Stagner did 5 vehicles at one time and they never asked for any copies of his Vehicle Trust Agreements.

Remember, your LLC Vehicle Trust is your very powerful tool regarding privacy and keeping your name and  your company name off public record. Have a little patience in this one time process for each vehicle. It is worth is weight in GOLD Ten Times Over.

Once completed properly, you will receive a new title and registration





Take A Look At Some Real World Examples

Vehicle Registration


Vehicle Title


Purchase Order for New or Used Vehicle


Boat Registration




Insurance Bill on Daughter’s Vehicle


Limited Introductory Offer!

ONLY $99


 NOTE: The Vehicle Trust works best with vehicles that are owned free and clear without any liens. Please understand, if you have lien, loan on your vehicle, you must get the lender’s permission first or pay off the lien on your vehicle.