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To Participate In The Real Estate System for Nonprofits™, your nonprofit must maintain your certification by enrolling in one of the memberships listed below.

This ensures your organization will maintain current, up to date, rules and regulations regarding real estate donations without the risk of ownership for your nonprofit.





What Is The Cost to Process Each Real Estate Donation?

Your Fee for each Real Estate Simple Donation or Bargain Sale process is only $997 and includes the preparation of all of your documents, Certificate, instructions and guidelines for your title company or real estate attorney closing your transaction. The Simple Donation Process is completed within 48 hours during business hours ( 9am – 4:30pm ) using eastern time zone.

Should you have a donation to be expedited quickly or involves more hand-holding, there are additional fees. An example of a complicated real estate donation would be an estate already involved in a bankruptcy. As you can probably see, this donation would involve a lot more hand-holding accordingly.

Rest assured, over 90% of all real estate donations use the Simple Donation Process. 

Carefully review the 4 memberships above to get the best benefit for your nonprofit. 

What About Support Should I Have Any Questions?

Support is available for certified members only. In our continued efforts to keep costs as low as possible, we have implemented efficient and effective technologies. At the top and the bottom of web pages, you will find a “SUPPORT” Button. Simply click the button and fill-in-the-blanks. You can expect a response promptly during business hours. On rare occasion, a human being may actually give you a phone call.

Does This System Work in All States?

Absolutely! There is an extra step in the process for real estate donations in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Hawaii.

How Long Is The Certification Training Course?

Your SET UP and Online Training Certification Course would be close to a 3 Day Classroom Training. Depending on your learning skill, ability, and schedule, many attendees have completed in a little more than one day and some have completed within two weeks.

How Many Folks Can Attend The SET UP and Training and Get Certified?

Each nonprofit is allowed up to three individuals of your nonprofit to get certified. Larger nonprofits may consider discounted group rates including LIVE training at your nonprofit facility along with Private Label Branding for Your Nonprofit.





NOTE: The Real Estate System for Nonprofits Training and Certification requires a SET UP Fee and your choice of monthly membership. You Must have BOTH to be participate in this certification.