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Only $299

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What is LLC? provides you with a valuable service to keep your name and/or your company name and address OFF of public records. LLC was created by me and my attorney Harry Borders to give hundreds of investors exactly what they wanted… for Mike Butler and/or Harry Borders to be their Trustee on their deeds.

For many years I refused because I wanted to keep all of business dealings in my own backyard.

During a one on one coaching session, my good friend and sharp investor Tom Calhoun down in Florida gave me a very interesting proposal. After Tom had a meeting with his attorney because he anticipated having several lawsuits in the near future. His attorney recommended Tom to get a Trustee in another state and pay them $99 a year to forward your mail to you in Florida.

His attorney made this recommendation because one of the steps in filing a lawsuit, is to give proper notice to all parties involved including the owner of record. Tom would benefit big time from this by having a Trustee with a PO Box in Louisville, Kentucky. This is a huge expensive obstacle for anyone wanting to file a lawsuit against Tom and any of the properties he “controls.”

After much thought and a few meetings with my good friend and real estate expert attorney Harry Borders, we both agreed to join forces and start a new business to provide a much needed service for investors and home owners at a very affordable price. (during our research I found most attorneys were charging $300 to $750 or more to create trusts for investors and Harry acknowledged that was the “norm”… OUCH!)

Now you have a new, very affordable resource for your real estate business that truly hides ownership of your real estate by keeping your name and your company name off public record. Not only for real estate, but all of your vehicles, cars, boats, planes, motorcycles, motor homes, and even cash sitting in a bank accounts.


OK, How Much?

Our goal is to help investors with the most affordable pricing. We expect investors to use this service for all of their real estate and assets owned. You have it is always cheaper to buy in bulk and you will be treated the same way.

Pricing is Simple and Fair:

Real Estate Trust with Servicing:

$99 to prepare your trust

Annual Servicing Fee, FREE for first year, then $99 annually beginning on 2nd year.

            (all mail received is forwarded to you – property tax bills, insurance, etc.)


Vehicle Trust has NO annual servicing

$99 to prepare your trust

There is NO Annual Servicing Fee



To Your Continued $uccess!

Mike Butler and Harry Borders LLC


P.S. Remember, it is always cheaper to buy in bulk. The same applies here as well.