History of TrusteeServicesUSA.com LLC – How It All Began

Back in the early 1990’s, Mike Butler began using Land Trusts for privacy to keep his name and his company name off public records for his real estate. He used them in a very creative way not seen by Title Insurance Companies at that time and had to argue or prove it to the underwriters of the Title Insurance companies.

Since then, Mike has used Land Trust for all of his real estate and he developed another trust used specifically for vehicles, cash, promissory notes, and more.

Right after this began, Mike and Harry began doing business. Interestingly enough, Harry Borders called Land Trusts “smoke and mirrors” or a “shell game.” Mike and Harry hit it off, right at the get-go. Two very successful guys with over the top creative minds allowing them to stay not one, but two or three steps ahead of the curve and market.

Around 2001, insurance companies began cancelling and refusing to insure rental properties and the writing on the wall. What is an investor to do when lenders require insurance and the insurance companies refuse to write it?

Investors who had built their rental portfolio were faced with a liability. When the insurance companies refuse to write insurance, and the investor gets sued….  what a scary thought.  You could lose everything in short order.

Mike presented this challenge and scenario to Harry. Harry is a real estate investor too. They both worked diligently and non-stop for weeks. Ultimately, Harry created the simplest, best, cheapest, asset protection system for real estate investors and business owners. Keep it simple and in your own state. None of these Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Delaware LLCs’ and garbage. It is not complicated and it works. Plus you have NO EXTRA TAX RETURNS!

Prior to and during this process, Harry got his advanced training on Land Trusts and discovered all of the BIG Benefits you get with using land trusts. Mike and Harry have trained many investors and attorneys on how to use land trusts properly.

Since then, and it continues today, Harry and Mike wrap up their business work days for “Beer 30” at our “Orange Office” (Hooters Happy Hour is 4pm to 6pm for 50% of grilled shrimp, fried pickles, and cold beer). Many strategies, solutions, and ideas have been created and polished at Hooters.

Over the years, Harry and Mike, have joined forces to train investors, both newbies and the old veteran season pro, with the latest updates in the market, along with all of the many new laws and regulations.

Harry Borders and his family’s law firm, pretty much all on their own, exposed the new federal law affecting seller financing. Harry Borders introduced the S.A.F.E. Act to real estate investors long before any profession organization knew it existed. Most were clueless.

Up until about 3 months ago, Mike and Harry always endorsed and promoted the use of Land Trust for privacy combined with solid and simple asset protection system.

Keep in mind, over the years, both Harry and Mike have preached and preached and taught real estate investors, attorneys, cpas, and more “How To Use Land Trusts” with simple step by step and fill in the blank process. In Mike and Harry’s opinion, it was very frustrating to see those who were trained understand exactly how to use the land trusts and the benefits for you, only to get the doors slammed shut when they return home and tell their Title Company or Real Estate Attorney what they want to do. The end result, according to Harry and Mike, they felt like only 5-10% actually were able to implement it back home due to the stubbornness or almost incompetence of their licensed experts.

In June 2013, Tom Callahan of Florida called Mike’s office with a proposal. Here is a short video of Tom

Tom wanted Mike Butler to be his Trustee using Mike’s address in Louisville for all property tax bills to be mailed to. Tom offered to pay Mike for this service along with an annual servicing fee.

At their next “Beer 30” at Hooters, Mike introduced the idea to Harry to gather his thoughts and feedback on the idea. Harry said it was interesting and unique and it is a much needed service for investors all over the country and in our own backyard.

Both Mike and Harry identified who is going to do what as far as doing research to see if this could fly.  Such things as:

It it Legal?

In All States or Some States?

Structure and Services to Offer


and much more.

New found information and research was brought to Hooters about twice weekly and it culminated into both Mike and Harry agreeing to join forces to offer this much needed done for you service to investors all over the country.

This resulted in the birth of “TrusteeServicesUSA.com LLC”

Right Now you can order your “Done For You Trust with a Built-In Trustee” and get it done now. This goes for Vehicle Trusts as well.

This website is still under construction and is getting polished weekly








Mike Butler

Mike is a Dad and Hubby first and is areal estate investor, author of #1 Best Seller Business Book “Landlording on AutoPilot,” National Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Mentor to thousands of investors all over the world. Mike is featured in Money Magazine feature article “Can Real Estate Make You Rich?”, is a two term past president of the Kentucky REIA and served 3 years on the board of National Real Estate Investors Association.
Mike began his real estate investing career while working his full time job as an undercover police detective in Louisville, KY. Mike and his wife Tammy (in nursing school at the time) had less than $1,000 dollars in the Louisville Police Credit Union and he began buying rental houses that were on his paper route he had in high school. Once Mike realized that real estate was his true path to financial freedom, he started buying a lot of rental properties. In fact, he had a goal to buy 100 rentals a year while working his full time job.
Just to let you know, Mike failed to reach his goal of 100 in a year. He purchased 84 rentals his first year when he set this goal and he continued this routine for several years.
After having purchased hundreds and hundreds of rental properties, Mike has another unique achievement that was never set as a goal.  Mike has NEVER gone to a bank to buy an investment property.
Mike and Harry began doing business together around 1994-95 and they have grown from attorney-client relationship to good disadvantaged children with housing, education, and medical help.
Hang around with these guys and you will learn tons and have fun doing it









Harry Borders  

Harry is “Dad” and hubby first and is a real estate attorney in Louisville, Kentucky where he has practiced for 23 years.  A large portion of his practice is focused on asset protection for real estate investors. He has taught locally, regionally, and nationally on real estate law, asset protection, 1031 exchanges, leases, and contracts.
Harry and Mike began doing business together in 1995 when Mike began closing his transactions in Harry’s office.  Mike told Harry what he was looking for in an asset protection plan, and together they crafted the simplest, most bullet proof asset protection plan available. But it took Mike a long time to convince Harry of the benefits of using trusts. “Smoke and mirrors,” as Harry used to call them.  Now he’s one of the biggest advocates in the country, teaching 1000s of investors of the benefits.
Mike Butler